Lounge: Tom Topazz「Nagoya (Tunnel of Lights Edit)」to be released in January 2018

名古屋 NAGOYA by Tom Topazz, single cover
名古屋 NAGOYA by Tom Topazz, single cover

Fans of lounge tunes will love it: the track「Nagoya (Tunnel of Lights Edit)」by Tom Topazz is – in his own words – “a reminiscence to the wonderful port city on the japanese pacific east coast. Also a big THANKS, GUYS to friends and all people living in Nagoya for their friendly treatment which I got after I moved to this city.”

「Nagoya (Tunnel of Lights Edit)」is a lounge tune with a jazzy attitude and modern elements. You will be surprised about a japanese Taiko drum in the intro but also about the combination of orientalic and western influences. Exactly this is what makes the atmosphere in Japan’s port metropolis Nagoya: a strong japanese tradition and interesting insights into other cultures.

Tom Topazz: “Nagoya has an excellent music scene, awesome venues with rock music, idol music, jazz pubs, venues where you can see electronic artists and artists with a lot of other musical backgrounds. Also the cuisine in Nagoya with all its local specialities, sometimes fusion cooking … and the cherry blossom in Nagoya, the temples … my neighbors, my colleagues … I absorb it all like a sponge. This edit of NAGOYA is pretty much a result of that too.”

Release date of 「Nagoya (Tunnel of Lights Edit)」is 15 January 2018. Label is TMM Stardust. Release is worldwide.

EAN: 4251177573033


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