💿 Tom Topazz’ electronic track 「Long Distance Ride」 featured on 「The Art of Noises」

The Art of Noises cover
The Art of Noises cover

When the name TOPAZZ appears, people expect fat dance, pop and RnB sounds like they know it from BTS or TWICE. It is pretty unlikely that archive tracks by Tom Topazz containing vintage sounds, receive any attention by the audience or by music editors. But it happened and with 「Long Distance Ride」now the 3rd PROGRESSIONS track is featured on new compilations. 「The Art of Noises」is a new release and – nomen est omen – contains a variety of artful electronic landscapes by several artists. 「Long Distance Ride」is part of this selection, the release date is 11 January 2018 on Alterna Sounds.


  1. Exquisite Frame – Slow Up (Nidra Music)
  2. Robbie Fithon – Anticipating Yesterday (6913 Recordings)
  3. Andy Aged – Sand and Foam (The Ocean View)
  4. Marco Brena – Me and You (White Eagle Productions)
  5. Alternative Noises – Quiet (Supernova Sound Records)
  6. Äthe – Gravitation (IBEATLE MUSIC SPOT)
  7. Soorkopiltis – Ik Verdrinke in U (River37 Records)
  8. Gavand Art – Run of the Score (Alternative Mix) (A-u-t-o-b-a-h-n Musik)
  9. Premasara Council – Hidden Intentions (Nidra Music)
  10. L’Art Mystique – Le Jardin Secret (Andorfine Records)
  11. Picasso Sensei – Remate (Diferentes Lugares)
  12. Francisco Branda – Epic (Traumuart)
  13. Alva Noto – Xerrox Helm Transphaser (Integral Digital)
  14. Majoda – There Is My Home (JoMaJo Music)
  15. Alex Marenga – The Graffiti Wall (Day Versiom) (Eclectic Productions)
  16. DJ Sky-Kun the Dragon – Tief in mir (Sky-Kun the Dragon Records)
  17. Yoga Love – The Full Moon Sessions 1, Pt. 4 (fragment eight media)
  18. Albert Moon – Dance with Me Now (Earmotion Audio Creation)
  19. Vast Massive Vapor – Agravic (Vaporized)
  20. Jssst – Schier II (Chill Out Recordings)
  21. Present Paradox – Transforming Winds (Paradox Tape Records)
  22. Gedevaan – Untitled4 (Lead Square)
  23. Tom Topazz – Long Distance Ride (TMM Stardust)
  24. Fake Plastic Heads – Hey Winter! (Red Claw Records)
  25. Adriano Zanni – Dead Trees (Bronson Recordings)
  26. Gordon Geco – The 5th Dimension (Andorfine Records)
  27. Unlogic Thing – Aeon (Simphonic Silence Inside Records)
  28. Sibri29 & CH73 – Learning Life (Sibri29 Records)
  29. Dark and Light – To See You Again (Lounge Version) (Records54)
  30. Makia Blue – Open Sesame (Makia Blue)
  31. Franco Vizzo – Gracias (Pupas Records)
  32. Mickmiller – Space Rhapsody 5 – Remember (Dirty Lane Studios)
  33. Skychilla – Cockroach’s Revenge (Trigger Jam Records)
  34. Morris Jones – Goldfever 2018 (Extended Version) (Rocky Beach Music)
  35. Seigo Aoyama – My Dead Hand and Her Floating Ghost (Global Music Records)
  36. Max Lankau – Herab (Lankau Records)
  37. Avior – First Dimension (Intro Track) (Beyond Souls)
  38. Substak – Story 03 (Expérimental Label)
  39. E – Verformung – X-Fade (Notsignal)
  40. Maiwald – Lass den Alten! (Peter Maiwald-Pmaudiobroadcast)

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