PROGRESSIONS post release thoughts

Now PROGRESSIONS is out and I am kinda delighted. Because this 4 track release was never ever the kind of music people expected from me. NEW MILLENIUM was such a banger that I wasn’t able to break this kinda like stigma situation. PROGRESSIONS let the most people hit the ground. It’s good.

PROGRESSIONS is musical niche and for me it is good to break a stigma. So… I was pretty excited of the first days after its release. I know that some people will twist their eyes when I say that… did I notice that I don’t care? I expected NOTHING from PROGRESSIONS. Why… it is totally out of range, it is totally out of time or probably ahead of time, it has no super modern sounds, it is old stuff and the songs are free of usual musical structures. There is literally nothing that could make PROGRESSIONS attractive as musical junk food for charts listeners or a special kind of clubbers … and it is not intended to be like that. PROGRESSIONS is pure electronic music.

In deed, PROGRESSIONS has gained a 4-digit number of sales and streams in the first week. Thank you very much! Thank you for your continuous support! I will work hard and do my best for you in the future as well!

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