💿 Release decision: new album「Revelation」by Tom Topazz to be released on 26 January 2018

Tom Topazz - Revelation
2017 - Tom Topazz - Revelation (album)

“This is the new beginning I worked for since 2015.” Tom Topazz’ way since his comeback in summer 2015 was quite bumpy. “As I sat my feet on a stage again in September 2015, I knew that my life would change. But to be honest, it wasn’t a change. It was a landslide.” Health problems, resulting problems to comply with a tight schedule and release dates, and even a breakup did not throw Tom off track. “Nowadays I feel lucky with how it all turned out.「Revelation」is narrating my story of falling, get back up again and fighting for my love, my family and true values.”

Release date of「Revelation」by Tom Topazz is 26 January 2018. Label is Universal Music. Formats: digital, CD (only Japan), Streaming


  1. Revelation
  2. Crisis Talk (危機トーク)
  3. Shock Therapy
  4. Bullet In My Pocket
  5. Pay Day
  6. Family Values (家族の価値)
  7. I am
  8. Megami
  9. Kyo Flower
  10. Fight For Her
  11. The Long Road Ahead of Us (我々の前に長い道のり)
  12. Summer In Sakae
  13. Chéri Revolution
  14. Being Dreamy
  15. Set The Night To Music
  16. Party Inferno
  17. Bonus: 5人の女の子 (Five Girls)

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