Tom Topazz – Track by Track「Progressions」EP

Tom Topazz: “The present selection of songs on 「Progressions」will be unexpected for many people. It shows some of my progressive electronic rock tracks. I like these tracks and I’m happy that I can show a little bit of this facette of me now.” (Release date: 31 October 2017, TMM Stardust / Universal)

Long Distance Ride

Tom Topazz: “Rolling bass, very fat, a simple synth lead sequence made from a bottle sound… the beat and the bassline led some people to the impression of rolling wheels on the highway.”

Nightflight to Centrair

Tom Topazz: “Awesome hooks and the feeling of sitting in a plane. I had the idea and made this song during a flight above the clouds on my way back to Nagoya.”

Sailing Cruise

Tom Topazz: “A simple song made with a sequencer and some additions like water wave noises… as simple as it is, it is really magic. Very romantic too.”

Mechanical Manoeuvres

Tom Topazz: “I made this song for a game but later I decided for another song. This track is very dark and cinematic. Really huge and wide and all that. A song like a slow flyby of a huge spaceship with a lot of metallical sounds and atmosphere.”


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