Tom Topazz brandnew track on new chillout compilation by TANTRUM

Besser schlafen und entspannen
Besser schlafen und entspannen

The brandnew Tom Topazz ambient track 「Mechanical Manoeuvres」is part of the new sampler BESSER SCHLAFEN UND ENTSPANNEN (Better sleeping and relaxing), alongside with many other outstanding tracks and artists. The label is TANTRUM, the release date of this compilation is 17 November 2017.


  1. Premasara Council – Hidden Intentions (Nidra Music)
  2. Morris Jones – Goldfever 2018 (Instrumental) (Rocky Beach Music)
  3. Samadi Tunes – Old Soul (Andorfine Records)
  4. Prana Tones – Deep Relaxation Tunes (Andorfine Records)
  5. Skychilla – Christmas Eve (Trigger Jam Records)
  6. Jssst – Schier I (Experimentalist)
  7. Ben Jamin – Ediacara (Schalldruck Music Records)
  8. Camino de Lobo – Microparticles (Earmotion Audio Creation)
  9. Broke One – Explorateurs (White Forest Records)
  10. Fallout Shelter – Black Dress Blues (Avxp Music)
  11. The Sura Quintet – Endless Horizon (Nidra Music)
  12. Michael Ruland – Embrace in Space (Ambient Edit) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
  13. Syntheticsax – Moments (Russiamusic)
  14. Miss Gniss – Across the Land (Kollektives Bewusstsein)
  15. Tom Topazz – Mechanical Manoeuvres (TMM Stardust)
  16. Adriano Zanni – Fake Trees (Bronson Recordings)
  17. DJ Sky-Kun the Dragon – Eastern Dragon Rocks (Sky-Kun the Dragon Records)
  18. Present Paradox – Transforming Winds (Paradox Tape Records)
  19. Franco Vizzo – Gracias (Pupas Records)
  20. Absolute Criminals – Crucial (Supernova Sound Records)
  21. Tom Lang – Odyssey in Space (Earmotion Audio Creation)
  22. Fake Plastic Heads – Abstrac7 (Red Claw Records)
  23. Jack Pond – Man on the Moon (Supernova Sound Records)
  24. Dyamur – Lucid Afternoon (Morbit Exile)
  25. Les Six – Gas (Mutan Records)
  26. Art Electronix – Atmans (Simphonic Silence Inside Records)
  27. Lars Leonhard – Deeply Relaxed (Lars Leonhard)
  28. City Capture – Skyline (Future Lab Recordings)
  29. Sibri29 – Empty Leaves (Sibri29 Records)
  30. Alex Marenga – Blues for Electric Guitar (Eclectic Productions)
  31. Seigo Aoyama – Your Serene Smile (Global Music Records)
  32. Makia Blue – In Two Minds (Makia Blue)
  33. Open Source – Descent into Hades (Ambient Version) (Ghost Label Records)
  34. Matthew Cornell – Horizon (elasticcage)
  35. Gianluca Livi – Fujiko Mine, Pt. 1 (Eclectic Productions)
  36. Rafal Kulik – Cosmic X Three (Changer Records)

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