Tom Topazz ⭐ Fan Q & A: videos, lives, japanese idols, the love to PREDIANNA and new releases

Tom Topazz
Tom Topazz

We’ve gathered fan questions, and without hesitation, I’ll answer some of them. I must confess that I am quite excited, because I have never done this before. I try to give clear answers. If you want to know something, simply write your questions in the form of a comment under this article. Thank you for your attention!

John Casavetes, Los Angeles (US): Why aren’t you in any videos?

I always felt uncomfortable being filmed. That’s why I always rejected video recordings. Meanwhile I am like “okay, when I think the concept is cool and I trust the people behind the camera, I will do it”.

Joane B., Pipestone/Montana (US): Why are your events so rare?

I had an accident in 2002 and it took 13 years putting my feet on a stage again. It is still strenuous for me to be on stage and even though it is getting better and I am good in shape, livegigs are still a challenging thing. That’s why events with me happen not that often at the moment.

Calvin Mendez, Mérida (Mexico): Why did you move from Europe to Japan?

For business reasons and for private reasons. I started a branch of my company in Nagoya. And I found my love in this city. Not my first time in Japan but this time I moved to stay.

Jace Travis, New Jersey (USA): How does your connection to Japanese idols come about?

I worked for Universal Music Group and for Amuse Inc., a japanese entertainment company, from 2006 to 2015, took part as one of their scouts in auditions and took over the work as supervisor and manager for students who successfully completed the auditions. So my story started with Japanese idols.

Airi Kasai, Ōtawara (Tochigi, Japan) I appreciate your support for PREDIANNA. How did you hear about them?

Thank you too! I am affiliated with Babymetal. As YUA from PREDIANNA posted a tweet about her experience watching the Live at Budokan Red Night DVD in December 2015, people spoke about her message on the Fanclub board and on reddit. A friend sent me a message on LINE “you should definitely look what she is doing”. I did and … I lost my heart on PREDIANNA. I was immediately captivated by the girls!!

Yuki Matsui, Tokyo (Japan) What are your thoughts about PREDIANNA?

The look of the girls, their music, their singing, their dance moves … it is all wonderful, the attitude is supercool and the interplay in the performances works well. And all idols have such unique and awesome personalities. In my opinion they need better timeslots at events and the management should organize far more offers for the fans. I see a lot of idol units having more lives and media appearances without having the skills of PREDIANNA. That sucks… Also the fan events of several other units are better attended. After the loss of members, the management slept … instead of listening to the audience they handled PREDIANNA kinda like a hobby project. Only one example: a idol unit must have a consistent media presence after the releases of new music. There must be a consistent PR work. I don’t see anything of that… okay… I saw ONE press release some days ago. Let me be clear about the whole thing… I do not only make words. I immediately start to work with PREDIANNA if their office is interested. There’s a lot potential in this unit. To their office: … I think you should really really really NOW think about to take action! Make the girls work, they are willing to work!

Tanja Mehrow, Berlin (Germany) What are your pet peeves?

If she takes the last leaf of the toilet paper and does not refill it. Everything else is negotiable. 😁

Shir Khan F., Chennai (India) I am confused. First you announced an album called ON FLEEK. Now it is REVELATION. What is going on?

I am very sorry for the confusion. It was a consentual decision between the label and me to rename the album to REVELATION because after changes on the tracklist, ON FLEEK turned out to be a unsuitable. REVELATION really covers the content of the complete album.

Cody Wheeler, Flint (Michigan, USA) The track names of REVELATION sound like a concept album…

REVELATION describes my own way of having the courage to leave a wrong life for the right one. The songs are marking the different parts of this way and I think many can relate to the texts. Also, the new album manifests the musical way I want to go in the next time. A lot of people reduce me to NEW MILLENIUM or my lounge tracks. I am a musician and NEW MILLENIUM is 19 years old. I like the song, but the times have changed. REVELATION is the first album after my comeback and it also marks the change. In so far… yes, it is a concept album.

Manuel Rodriguez, Grazalema (Spain) What is the intention of three releases in such a short time of October and November 2017?

In the end it’ll be five releases… PROGRESSIONS is targeting on people who like electronic music… the creation of progressive electronic music is a really important part of my work as musician. A part that remained secret all the years … now not anymore. I NEED TO KNOW – my feature for Nataly – is a dance production, kinda like deep house-ish with a touch of soul and yes, it focusses on the clubs. And REVELATION is my very own album showing what Tom Topazz is nowadays.

Else there is a golden edition of A Dream Within a Dream and … the single ahead of REVELATION (announcement on October 21st).

Rainier, Marseilles (France) What are you doing when you got free time?

Sleeping, making music, going out, watching Youtube videos, hiking.., stuff like that.

Leticia Gamarra, Mexico City (Mexico) What is your favorite food?

Takoyaki, miso soup, onigiri with egg or umeboshi, strawberry ice cream, chocolate, pancakes… 😋

Ron Trent, Cedar Falls (Iowa, USA) Do you have a favorite place when you write your songs?

In my home office. I got a master keyboard and a notebook there to work on.

More to come…

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