💿 Tom Topazz musical works:「Progressions」EP with 4 previously unreleased tracks

In the upcoming「Progressions」EP, musician and producer Tom Topazz undertakes four excursions into the genre of progressive electronic music. The release contains four from his staff handpicked musical works, taken from Tom’s extensive archive of previously unreleased tracks. Experience rich synthesizer soundscapes, partly kittenish but always of an cinematic expanse!

Release date: 31 October 2017, Label: TMM Stardust  / Universal Music, EAN: 4251177539961


  1. Long Distance Ride – 05:52
  2. Nightflight to Centrair – 03:27
  3. Sailing Cruise – 04:54
  4. Mechanical Manoeuvres – 07:38

Preview: Sailing Cruise


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