💿 Now as major release: 「A Dream Within A Dream」by Tom Topazz on September 29th 2017

2017 - A Dream Within a Dream 2017 (maxi/ep)

After it’s first digital release in 2015 under Tom Topazz’ electronic project SYNAESTE, the downtempo track「A Dream Within A Dream」will be re-released as digital + CD release on 29 September 2017 at TMM Stardust / Universal Music. Beside the fact that it is it’s first CD release, it is also a major release with wonderful additional things that hopefully enjoy your heart!

「A Dream Within A Dream」contains the original version, the 2017 version and two new tracks. If you buy the CD, you will hold the new imaginative cover artwork and some wonderful prints inside the booklet in your hand.


  1. A Dream Within A Dream
  2. A Dream Within A Dream 2017
  3. Longing For Her
  4. A Thousand Pieces

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