TOPAZZ Blog: Some words on how we operate the social media accounts, you asked for it :)

Just a reaction on questions from the community. People are asking us every week, how we operate the TOPAZZ accounts and how we keep them so vivid 24/7. The answer is simple: first of all: you, the users, keep us on our toes with questions. Second: my staff from TMM (this is my agency) is posting about all business operations that are important for the public to know plus all sales and services around my music. I personally post about the allday stuff (as long as it is interesting enough, not every day has exciting things to talk about), all the cross-promotions and the things I like or that made or make me to a personality.

To optimise the flow, we use Buffer, IFTTT and Crowdfire as tools for the news distribution and user management. To keep up to date with the users I personally met or the users I personally support and love, I use so called user-specialized mobile notifications. That makes my Twitter communication very effective and time-saving. So I see what the PREDIANNA girls are up to or what my close-knit friends or fans are doing. 🙂

In all the social media operations Twitter is our quickest and most used information outlet, followed by Facebook. By the way Twitter has also developed to my most vibrant communication tool with the community… with sometimes 10, sometimes up to 400 direct messages per day from users. I mean real user messages, not the spam you often had. I try to answer all the direct messages personally but of course: I need help from my agency when there are more than 10 messages in the queue or I have to work on other things and it would take to long to respond. 🙂 I beg for your understanding!

Sorry for my strange changes between “we” and “I” in my explanation. The work on my social media accounts usually is a team effort with help from me.

Just in case you got more questions, put it in the comments. Thank you, see you! 🙂



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