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Hey guys, it’s me! How are you doin’? It has been a while since I blogged the last time on my own behalf. 😀. And now I’m sittin here in a small hotel room near the Seine in Paris, in the middle of a warm european summer night, and try to put my thoughts in some meaningful words… a lot of things are happening right now, hmm? I mean in the world and this sometimes makes me pretty mad. But be sure I won’t write about politics. Not my business here. My agent asked me to write some words to the release of my new single GAMES and to write a little about my love for the japanese idol music. Really?? A little?? Hmm… will see 😅😅😅… First I thought ‘okay, two postings’ but in the end I decided to put all in one.  😸


Well then, let’s come to the core. My new single will be released in November 2016 and a pre-release track called GAMES (Fan Version) is available from October 26 2016 in all stores worldwide. (we got a little surprise for you) and I’m very excited! I hope you will like it because it is a really tight dance track which hopefully will bring you in a good mood and push your parties to the limit! 🙂 I produced this track and all of it’s versions and mixes in Berlin, so there is a lot of Berlin pulse in it!

GAMES is characterized from great hooks, a captivating singer’s voice and the new bright synthie sound of TOPAZZ. I tested the track on several of my gigs and the audience went crazy. We (my agency and me) saw the reaction and we skipped the former decision for an other track. The power of the fans!


As some of you guys noticed, I am a big fan of japanese music and japanese idol music. I post a lot of it in my SNS (social media) accounts, mostly on Twitter and Pinterest.

It is a world of music that opened to me in the time around 2010 as I hosted my own radio show on KingFM and looked for music outside the western mainstream stuff. Okay, first of all I have to admit: I love Japan since my preteen years. I am a big X Japan fan, one of the absolutely awesome forerunners for japanese rock music all over the world and I am a big fan of BLOOD STAIN CHILD from Osaka since the late 90s … now back to topic:of course japanese idol music is something completely different then the bands I noticed before. If you think “how can this be that this EDM masher loves rock and pop from Japan and talks about it in a very active and passionate manner?”, then listen: I love different kinds of music and I don’t care about genres. I’m primarily a musician, my own music is not a product from samples since 2000 and my inspirations come from all kinds of music.


Once it was a hit for these three girls – nowadays it is a J-Pop classic! By the way: did you recognize the young Suzuka Nakamoto (BABYMETAL)?

Projects like Sakura Gakuin, Karen Girl’s, Twinklestars and BABYMETAL and a few more implanted themselves in my ears with their catchy melodies, excellent production value and quality and the great fun of the cute members in doing their best to perform their music. Nowadays ALL members (the so called idols) of these projects are (mostly) in a very young age casted girls and (very rare!) boys from 9/10 years til … let’s say … around 20 years (with some exceptions) and they are pretty successfull in doing TV shows and public appearances from shopping center openings up to festivals. To set it all in the right perspective: it is a business. It is part of the japanese music business with all consequences. And to talk about it you should have a good knowledge of what is going on in Japan.


The new generation of idols – young and cool AND I love their music: PREDIANNA



I came across PREDIANNA in fall 2015. PREDIANNA is the dream combi of skills, beauty, diligence and being modest at the same time. These girls got it all! All features real stars are made of. More PREDIANNA: homepage (jp) and Fanclub (en).

The western culture is very well-known in Japan but vice versa there’s a lack of knowledge in the western countries about the modern japanese culture. Decades ago, I personally would name the 80s, Japan was flooded with western music. Nowadays the japanese people are more focused again on their domestic artists. A phenomenon in Japan are the “otakus” (おたく, オタク, ヲタク) or sometimes named “otaku generation”. They spend a massive amount of time and money for their passion. That can be animes, computer games or even the idols. And the “otakus” are a not to be underestimated part of Japanese buyers. The otaku age range goes … I would say … up to around 55-60 years. Some say – and that is congruent with my personal experiences – that they are an important sales factor for japanese idols.


As I worked in Tokyo for a while I saw otakus buying heavyloads of AKB48-CDs and DVDs (10 pieces or more, AKB48 ís a group of japanese idols) with ONE purchase. Same with other idol groups and  releases. There really goes a lot of money over the counter. You can buy Funko Pops (little vinyl dollys) from your idol, there are towels from the idols, stickers, tees, dishes, mugs … the whole range of merch up to chopsticks with idol logos and whatnot. Once something new comes out, the otakus are the first to buy it. They always want to be the first to have new things of their idols. Errrm… I must admit that I own some Funko Pops! They “live” on several places in my apartment in Berlin. 😀

Back to my personal love of the japanese idol music. First of all: there is the music. If the music hits my musical taste center, I’m in. I’m a musician and I passionately love music! 🙂 Second: the most idol girls are really funny by nature in their TV shows!

Of course I see the kawaii (cuteness) aspect of the idols. But this is not the point which is most important to me or which is the most interesting one for me. I see the hard work they put in their music and appearances. I see the expectations (which are a super big thing in the japanese society) and how they try to fulfill them. And what I experienced is that the idols I know so far, are all studying very hard between all the practicing hours, rehearsals, appearances, photo shoots and so on. Some of you may agree with me: school, practicing, rehearsals and appearances can be a really challenging thing. Who ever attended an art school, knows that … so I got a lot of empathy for the idols!

PREDIANNA: a lot of practice and fun is the number one basement of a great appearance!


Although the japanese language might sound unaccustomed to the western audience, more and more idols come abroad to present their music or are well presented online on their own sites, on Youtube, Vimeo etc. and win more and more fans in the western hemisphere. For me as a musician, DJ, producer and performer this is not only idol music, it is MUSIC.

I am a little familiar to the Japanese language. I can’t speak it very well, but I am used to the sound of the Japanese language and I understand it a little bit (errm.. have I already told you that I start with Japanese lessons in November 2016 ? 🙂 … )  And Bands like BABYMETAL, PREDIANNA, DEEP GIRL etc. are inspiring me like hell. In everything from the music up to their performances. It is really outstanding how they entertain the people! And I see this whole idol thing from a very “unidolized” perspective. The idols – I simply love their music and I enjoy their journey.

BABYMETAL on Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

PREDIANNA and their members on Twitter: Predianna | Yua | Yurai | Kyoka | Yurina | Momose
PREDIANNA channel on Youtube

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