TOPAZZ Blog: LIMITED FREE DL OFFER – My music is for the people!

The release of the new TOPAZZ single GAMES starts today! And I got something very special for YOU: a limited free download offer!

Everytime I release music I find it only some days later on these sucking so called free download portals. Of course I never authorized that, all these portals provide pirate copies of the MP3s. The mess with these portals is that they make a heavyload of money with advertising on their sites and MOST OF THEM INFECT THE DEVICES OF THE USERS WITH COMPUTER OR SMARTPHONE VIRUSES!


I am fed up with the pirate copies on these portals! That is the reason why we (my agency and me) decided to offer a limited time of free downloads of my new single track! Further we will release the single step by step (with my label Ultrasonic Music) on our partners webpages and at the end the complete release will be offered by all major stores and streaming services all over the world. This is MY MUSIC I offer TO YOU, the fans and the people in the world and not to unprincipled racketeers.

The free download period starts for a limited time at 19.00 (7 pm) Central European Time! You’ll find the download links at the start page here at and I will also post the link on my social media accounts! The free download includes the single edit. See you guys later! 🙂

Download GAMES as zip (includes the mp3) – Download GAMES as rar (includes the mp3) (The limited free download campaign has ended.)


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