The Dark Lord of Dance: TMM staff interview with TOPAZZ (Parody)


The TOPAZZ transformation is in progress, but what does this mean? Even our staff has a lot of questions about this topic as well as many people who are waiting on new music from him. So WE (the staff is Mick, Stef and all bookers) decided to ask TOPAZZ about this transformation and other things belonging his career. I am Mick Weiss and I ask the most frequently asked questions at this time.

Mick: Hello TOPAZZ, great that we can sit right here to talk with you.

TOPAZZ: I beg for your kindness. It’s good to be here and having some time to talk with you. I feel very honored about your interest! (smiles)

Mick: I searched for old TOPAZZ interviews on the web, but found none! Have you always refused interviews?

TOPAZZ: If someone gives me his attention, I can not refuse that. That would be indecent. The reason is simple. I had requests, but not for interviews. (laughs) There are some press releases and reviews about my music.

Mick: Seriously, no interview requests?

TOPAZZ: Yepp… you know… things are happening for a reason. If nothing happens it has a reason too. In retrospect, I think, that it was not the right time for me to give interviews. Nowadays for me it is a cool thing talking about music and arts, talking about my music too. In the early days I was a little like a nerd and unexperienced with the press. Fortunately, sales were good and the reception by the critics and the press was also really good.

Mick: Back to the present. We received one really big question from many people: What does this TOPAZZ transformation thing mean?

TOPAZZ: It has a real meaning in many ways. And because this is the TOPAZZ transformation it is very real for me. It has something to do with the things happened in my life so far. I think these things are the reason why the God of Dance made me to the chosen one for his upcoming tasks. I have learned so much from the people I had the pleasure to work and live with over the past 10-15 years and that led me to the situation that I’m now really in the position to make the best of me. I am definitely motivated like hell to do this!
I’ve been through really challenging times personally. The lessons from my experiences, feeling the consequences of the events of life … all that left deep impressions at me. All that made me to a purified man. I can say: nowadays I really feel free. I can be myself. I AM TOPAZZ. Or the other way around: TOPAZZ is me now. Both fits.
The TOPAZZ transformation is for me like the artistic finish of my change. I’ll literally turn my inside out. I want to change the rules to better ones for every human being that is crossing my ways. The God of Dance is the spiritual embodiment of positive energy and I will be his executive assistant: the Dark Lord of Dance. Please excuse my long explanation.

Mick: Who had the idea for the transformation?

TOPAZZ: I had a revelation from the God of Dance.

Mick: … a revelation … from the God of Dance?

TOPAZZ: Yes, from Apollon. He is the God of the Light, of the Healing, of the Spring, of the Moral Purity, the Moderation, the Poetry, the Music, the Singing and the Dance.

Mick: Wow … how does he look like?

TOPAZZ: You can find a lot of paintings or sculptures of him. The truth is that no one has ever seen him. But he is always amongst us. When you hear music, when you dance, when you create a poem etc. you can feel him. Sometimes people say they feel a positive energy or inspiration or good vibrations or something similar. THIS is Apollon.

Mick: How was the revelation from Apollon or should I say the contact with Apollon?

TOPAZZ: The revelation. He called me to come back on stage and to break the stupid rules made by humans.

Mick: What does this mean?

TOPAZZ: First of all I need to complete my transformation. That’ll happen in the middle of January 2017. Then: be patient. You will see and hear what I’m doing then. I will do my best but I do not know yet how it will turn out.

Mick: Tell us more about the upcoming album ON FLEEK. How will it sound like?

TOPAZZ: I’m not ready with it yet. I still have a lot of work ahead of me. This production takes a long time, because it is interrupted by gigs, rehearsals and dance training. And I want to make all tracks to be as much as perfect. But what I can say now: the music is absolutely catchy. Really catchy hooks, I’ve got great singers on board and ON FLEEK will include a lot of crossover elements. As I said it before elsewhere: I take no consideration of boundaries between genres. The music is still danceable but also more diverse. And to put it bluntly: it’s my debut album! All previous releases were EPs and singles. This is my very first album release.

Mick: The single release of GAMES is just around the corner…

TOPAZZ: … yes and GAMES is part of the upcoming album. It is the first break with my musical past. GAMES sounds unexpectedly. It’s not the house music I am known for. It is dance, it is a lot of synthesizers, it’s a fat party tune too! The single comes out in EP format as a 5-tracks release with different versions of the song.

Mick: What is your next goal?

TOPAZZ: It’s more than one goal for the next time. I want to complete my transformation. I want to convince people with my music. And I really want to play  live as often as I can. These are my next goals. I work hard to make all that happen. And I will give my very best.

Mick: Do you got any dreams for the future?

TOPAZZ: To be honest I want to share my dreams only with the girl I fall in love with! Because talking about dreams makes very vulnerable. (smiles)

Mick: Are you not afraid that people might consider you crazy because you are talking about a revelation and the God of Dance?

TOPAZZ: Hopefully the most people are as openminded as I am. I know that there are people that consider me crazy. I embrace that. They are all part of my challenge. I will not be able to reach all. That’s life. But it is worth the try.

Mick: Nice conclusion. Thank you, TOPAZZ!

TOPAZZ: My pleasure! Thank you very much! Please treat me well! (smiles, gets up and leaves the room, humming to himself)

TOPAZZ as he is every day…

(This interview is a parody! Thanks for all who helped to keep up the tension! 😀👍🤘)

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