New single ep GAMES DeLuxe: final tracklist is out

The new TOPAZZ single GAMES is coming out in November 2016 and it turns out that the release will be a 7-track single with several versions of the track. As we can say there will be one version that possibly matches your taste or your musical preferences too. At least we hope so!

  1. GAMES (radio edit) – 140 bpm dance version
  2. GAMES (extended radio edit) – 140 bpm dance version
  3. GAMES (killer mix) – 140 bpm long EDM versiongames cover Kopie
  4. GAMES (club radio edit) – 126 bpm house version
  5. GAMES (electrocuted mix) – 140 bpm long dance version
  6. GAMES (metal injection mix) – 138 bpm metal+dance fusion version
  7. GAMES (extended club mix) – 127 bpm long house version

We are pretty excited to see how your reactions will be. In particular, the experience with the metal injection mix promises to become an interesting experience. As far as we know, so far no one has dared to merge metal and dance and we expect challenging reviews.

[Updated at October 3 2016: plus two additional versions]



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