Radical! TOPAZZ & Synaeste – BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

Synaeste’s smooth melodies, dreamy harmonies and wide arrangements with a kinda cinematic touch and the TOPAZZ basics for a good house track… how would this sound together? It was Synaeste’s idea to collaborate with TOPAZZ… and a radical new experience for TOPAZZ. But why?

It is good to overcome all musical borders. Synaeste is a project with roots in the more chillout and ambient direction, also produced here at the Topazz HRE (TOPAZZ’ own studio) in Berlin. And TOPAZZ is the guy for the dance tracks and all what it needs to get the right drive to be dope for the parties. 🙂

cover w labelTOPAZZ was pretty curious and took the opportunity to work with Synaeste’s symphonic-like first arrangement of BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. TOPAZZ said: “The most important thing was how to strip down this arrangement to its melodic basics without touching it’s smoothness. I know that many people like the more fatter or dirtier/funkier sound of my tracks. But I also know that there are also many people who like to dance on a smooth and dreamy melodies”.

Well … you know all the TOPAZZ stuff til now. Danceable, dirty funk styles and hard on the edge and all that… for TOPAZZ this is the first track he worked on with a really smooth tonality. And you know what? He absolutely loves it! 🙂 BEST OF BOTH WORLDS is the beat of TOPAZZ with the heart of Synaeste!

TOPAZZ & Synaeste – BEST OF BOTH WORLDS … release date is May 2nd 2016. The release is worldwide and available at all major stores and all streaming services.

See the official music video:

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