#Topazz blog: What’s on the agenda? Single finalizing and album completion.

Tom Topazz
Tom Topazz
Tom Topazz
Tom Topazz

How are you doing, guys? I hope you are all well! You might have noticed that there was a lot of back and forth with my releases. Now, after my change to a new label, the clocks are reset.🕛

Since this week Monday I am in the studio in Nagoya for the completion and also new recordings of my own songs. At first I finalize my new single REACH OUT TO THE STARS (please watch the preview of radio edit below!) and then I will work on the recordings for my new album ON FLEEK. I can not tell you anything about the new songs. Only one thing: everything will be very exciting! 😁

So everything has moved very much. Fortunately, stability has now set in. I will keep you up to date on dates. Please follow my Twitter account @iamtopazz*, thank you very much!

Thank you for reading to the end!
Are we meeting on Twitter? That would be great! 😊

See you,

Tom Topazz

Single preview「Reach Out To The Stars 星に手を差し伸べます 」short vers.


(* bilingual japanese / english)

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