TOPAZZ Blog: MY 2016 – A Cold Start!

Good morning, hello, good evening, good night! Is there anything I forgot, anything in between? Greetings, no matter where you live or what time it is! 🖐🙂

My blog post today is how I experienced 2016. First of all I am thankful for all the positive things happened in 2016.

From Zero to Hero?

2016 … well… It wasn’t the easy going fulltime re-start of my career like many people think. In reality it was a cold start from Zero. Literally.

My biggest task was to convince the people that I got a lot more to offer than THE NEW MILLENIUM or PARTY 4 EVERYBODY. Although I released some successful lounge and pop tracks in the years before, in 2016 I had to work a lot to convince the media and the audience from my new tracks. In my beginnings, from 1998 to 2001, being TOPAZZ was a dance and house music thing. Followed by years with lounge and pop releases for Amnesia and others. I would say, now it is much more. TOPAZZ still loves house music, still loves EDM, still loves chillout. But as everyone else, TOPAZZ has changed.

In summer 2015 I planned my return as a fulltime musician. It took almost 18 months up to a satisfactory time. The acceptance of the (so to say) NEW TOPAZZ started with the release of GHOST, my remix-collab with OCEAN’S TWO in November 2016, the release of NAGOYA in December 2016 and it continued with my eurodance release GAMES DELUXE. I received encouraging feedback for the tracks, all tracks are further licensed to other parties and all tracks received and still receive radio airplays. NAGOYA  started to bring in revenue.

Abroad is the beginning!

Interestingly, the echo on my new music so far came exclusively from beyond the borders of my home country Germany. I should add: AGAIN. Because this is kind of similar to my beginnings, my tracks 1998 and 1999 charted first in Belgium, then France, then Spain, then South America and Australia a.s.o.. So … TOPAZZ is kinda used to it. 😡👿😈😀 But I believe that this will change in 2017. I am sure that I can win the audience here in Germany with my songs this year. Germany is the most difficult and at the same time the highest-selling music market in Europe.  But I got good reasons for being confident … first: I was able to enter this market with productions and remixes for other artists, so I should be able to enter this market with my own stuff too. Second: my promotion activities raise significantly in 2017, supported by my label and my agency. It was decided in 2016 and now I am every week on appropriate dates. Even though I do not always write about it or post about it on Twitter or Facebook etcetera.

Live events

I don’t know exactly, how many live events I played in 2016. It must have been 125-130, probably more. I remember the awesome Landhaus events in Berlin, and several events I played for customers, partly with my dance unit, in Munich, Colon, Hamburg, Rome, Madrid, Ibiza… so yeah: I made it happen what I promised in 2015: play lives as much as I can. A big thanks to all organizers and my management! 🙂👌👍


Selfie! 🙂

In 2016 some guys asked me how I can be so sure that I will succeed. I told them, that it isn’t sure that I will succeed. And I told them that I will work like a berserk to make success possible and happen, even if it will take years. Fortunately it doesn’t take that long.

I mean… my decision to re-start my career wasn’t a decision I made in some weeks. Even in the moment at March 2002, after I recovered from my coma caused from a heavy traffic accident in 2001, I wanted to go on with my music career.  What I didn’t know at this time: the struggle to be able to continue my music career IN FULL SHAPE should become an extremely tedious task. In the end it took 13 years. A long time …  but TOPAZZ is now back again with music, radio airplays, live gigs etcetera.

Now you probably get a little idea from what I got my self-confidence: from fighting for goals and reaching the goals.


TOPAZZ is on a good way and the upcoming releases will hopefully be catalysts to attract more people. I got my mojo back, even with the broader range of styles I create now. I am pretty excited because of the upcoming ON FLEEK! tour… I got also requests as a producer and remixer. 2017 will be a year full of new experiences and challenges. I will do my best to fulfill all your expactations! Thank you and…

Thank you for reading to the end.

See you!


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