#TOPAZZ – TOKYO CONFIDENTIAL / SECRET MESSAGES (The #Comeback Single) – Release Decision

The TOPAZZ’ double feature comeback single TOKYO CONFIDENTIAL / SECRET MESSAGES might be a good start for a new chapter in my career.


TOKYO CONFIDENTIAL / SECRET MESSAGES are two songs with a sexy attitude and only two goals: to make you happy and to make your hips move! There’s also a surprise … both songs will feature a female vocalist (surprise!) … she will be part of the cover, so the cover is also a surprise. Check my Twitter for updates … a joke, the cover will be revealed with the music video.

Some more details:

Release date: January 10, 2019 worldwide
Music video release date; December 7th, 2018
Formats: digital, streaming, limited CD
Labels: TMM Stardust


  1. TOKYO CONFIDENTIAL (radio edit)                duration: 04:03
  2. SECRET MESSAGES (radio edit)                        duration 04:30
  3. TOKYO CONFIDENTIAL (extended mix)         duration: 06:48
  4. SECRET MESSAGES (extended mix)                 duration: 08:22
  5. TOKYO CONFIDENTIAL (off vocal)                  duration: 04:03
  6. SECRET MESSAGES (off vocal)                           duration 04:30

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