Closing a chapter (health)

IMG_2214.jpgHey guys, it took years to solve my health problems but after an odyssee between treatments and doctors, the support of MD Kensaku Yamada from Nagoya Medical Center and his decision to send me to german medical specialists, the odyssee is over.

With my last neurological treatments at the DRK Hospital Krankenhaus Koepenick, led by Prof Dr Stingele and his team, I can close the topic health forever.

I thought about if I should go into details … I will bring a little light into several not so straight tweets and stuff… over the last years, exactly since 2006, I often was sick, down, in hospitals, in rehabilitation treatments … and the doctors weren’t able to find out the real reasons.

I had countless paresis attacks, mostly left-sided, I had linguistic center outages, I had other problems resulting from it. Each time, wrong diagnoses were suspected. There was always a suspicion of a stroke in the room, sometimes doctors suspected inflammation in the brain, eye problems, problems in the lumbar spine, spinal cord damage and much more. I should even get a stent in 2008.


However, each time the doctors did not find enough evidence for their suspicions and suspected diagnosis. In all these years, I began to despair. I could not enter a stage because of my fear that I would fall over during a concert. Because that happened to me again and again in everyday life.

This year there were finally two neurological specialists from Berlin, who made a very simple diagnosis, the simplest diagnosis ever. And they were both right! Miss Dr. Steiner and the neurology team in the DRK Hospital Krankenhaus Koepenick around Professor Dr Stingele. The diagnosis: Neural failures of the left side of the body due to stress but also PNP (polyneuropathy) in the extremities and in the abdominal area. The therapy: relaxation phases and vitamin B12 injections to cure the PNP. And this therapy works. For the first time in years I am without discomfort and fit like a sneaker!

The EMG measurements of my previously defective nerves give a picture of regeneration and healing. I mean… it is not only a feeling. The measurements are real, they show the facts.

Thanks a lot to all the people who believed me. Thanks to the medics! Thanks to my mates and friends Ole, Andreas, Hina-chan, Koba; Kenta and all the others who believed me when I spoke with them. Thanks to my brothers and family in Japan and Germany.

And the best things is to say: topic closed. Forever.

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