Some words about Yuto F.

A former member of my staff created chaos in the life of other people and in my life. To continue posting on my SNS during my last very long medical rehabilitation, Mister F. received my account data. Instead of doing the right things, he pretended to be me in such a sick manner that he fooled all: fans, music lovers, idol otakus, family members of japanese idols, journalists, other staff members and also my friends and family members. In simple words: he was a trickster.

After the revelation of his betrayal (forced by me after I left the rehab), my reputation was killed. People weren’t able anymore to recognize me as the right person, as the right Mister Topazz or Mister Kolbe.

I feel regret to put trust in Mister F., a trickster who fooled everyone.

I still feel special regret that this guy fooled a family member of a beloved idol from Nagoya. I feel regret for my lack of compassion for her mum and her and for my own bad behavior.

I never did bad things to other people but this is meaningless because I trusted a trickster who caused massive trouble. Mister F. was arrested by the police in Berlin, I filed a lawsuit against him. Last Friday he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. The damage is irreparable. Nevertheless, let us all feel satisfaction.

I hope that I am able to regain reputation.

Sorry again and thank you.


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