Instrumental single 「Sakura Dori」release decision

Tom Kolbe - SAKURA DORI single cover
Tom Kolbe – SAKURA DORI single cover

There are so many streets called 「Sakura Dori」in Japan. Inspiration for my song was the Sakura Dori street in Nagoya, my hometown. I literally know this street back and forth because I walked it up and down many many times. The cherry trees, all the shops and restaurants, the Nagoya International Center and of course at one end the twin towers of Nagoya Station. Evenings all the people who go out to eat, make party or dance somewhere, the people at 7-Eleven and the Famima … this street has its special magic touch I tried to catch in my song.

「Sakura Dori」is music for the fans of instrumental electronic and chillout music and my second musical reminiscence to the city I love like no other place in this world: Nagoya.

I will release my song on my label TMM Stardust, release date is September 17th, 2018. It will be the first release under my real name Tom Kolbe.

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